October 16th, 2007

You Know you are a Queer Scholar when:

1.    You are the coolest person in your department

2.    Most of your friends and colleagues in the field have an alias comprising of at least one underscore.

3.    Your parents/partners/friends are proud of what you do, but don’t tell others exactly what that is.

4.    You feel you ought to hide your bookcase when your parents visit.

            a.    But you don’t.

5.    Your writing includes “readings” of your favourite TV shows.

6.    You consider visiting “specialist” clubs in London as preliminary fieldwork.

7.    You choose your underwear for socio-political reasons.

8.    You use the term “heteronormative” in your discourse with the barrista in Starbucks

            a.   You also use the word “discourse”.

9.    You have at least four meanings for the word “Space” that have nothing to do with physical room.

10.    You secretly regard Judith Butler and Michael Foucault as Mummy and Daddy.

Edit: Apologies 'tis my first post here...