May 27th, 2007

stop . . . mod time

hi all,

just to repeat theorybitch's message from a couple of days ago: if you have an image hosting account of your own (flickr, photobucket, lj scrapbook) please use that instead of linking back to the lolcats builder at . . . the two main reasons for this are that images saved at kscakes take a long time to load (probably because stacks of people are in their lolcats builder, suckin' their bandwith), and because even if you hit the "save forever" button, IT DOES NOT SAVE THE IMAGE FOREVER. as a result, we will start seeing this little foot-gnawing scene pop up again and again, where once we had loltheorists:

now, i'm not one for promoting yahoo! assosciated things, but flickr is free, moderately easy to use, and gives you quite a lot of space. it also has the added benefit of a group akin to ours called philolsophers.

if you have photobucket, you will find that lj has some sort of deal with them which makes it very easy to upload pics from there. it is also free.

eta: thanks to sarka for pointing out the google alternative: picasa.

on a side note, this page gives you info about resizing images when you post to lj (in case you wanted to make yours smaller or larger).