May 25th, 2007


ackshual loltheorist sighting?

I just nearly cycled into someone who looked remarkably, from what I remember from dustjacket pictures, like David Halperin, and he was wearing a bright pink t-shirt which said, "I can't even think straight!". Which, if it was him, is really pretty funny.

God, I'll have to find out if he's in town, because that would make my week. OMG, race to be the first member of the community to get their photo taken with actual RL theorist wearing lolcaption starts here.
restless and world weary, wise

image hosting

Hey people,

I know you're all having fun with the Lolcats builder on, but some of those images are taking a long time to load. Kscakes is probably having some kind of massive bandwidth issues right now. Just as a matter of etiquette, can those of us who have flickr, photobucket or livejournal accounts with image uploads use them, instead of linking back to kscakes all the time?